About us

Over 75 Years of Experience
in Sustainable Protection
against Life and Health Risks

Sorbent's Own Developments
and Unique Equipment
Ensure the Leadership

Full-Cycle Production
Full-Cycle Production
Product development
Production Structure
Production Structure
Over 1'000 highly-skilled
70 Process Buildings
The territory of almost
50 hectares
Our Regular Customers
Our Regular Customers
Over 1'000 companies
in Russia and
neighboring countries
Smart Strategy
is a Formula for Success

Sorbent grew out of a workshop to become a highly-developed diversified company. Having accumulated extensive expertise since then, Sorbent of today is a team of professionals who diligently research, develop and implement the most efficient products and technologies to meet your purification challenges in the best way.

Our core values
  • Customer-Oriented Approach
  • Innovations
  • High Quality
  • Team Work and Employee Engagement
Quality is Our Top Priority
  • Human life and health are priceless. This is why we focus our best efforts on dependable protection ensured by our products for the greater good.
  • We are absolutely confident in ultimate reliability of our products since we use our own components and materials, conduct commissioning and start-up operations and product maintenance.
  • Such proven approach enables quality control in each stage from procurement of raw materials to release of finished products, and ensures the sublime performance of our products.
  • All Sorbent products hold protected Quality Certificates.

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