Over 75 years of experience in sustainable protection against life and health risks

Our Company’s history dates back to as early as 1939 when it was founded as an activated carbon producing workshop. Today, Sorbent JSC is a forward-thinking and fast-growing diversified business constantly developing its research and manufacturing facilities, implementing new high-performance technologies and producing top-quality products that meet international quality standards.

Step-by-Step Growth

Sorbent develops and launches mass production of full-face mask MAG-2 and half mask UNIX® which together with bayonet filters DOTeco® are used for protection of industrial personnel.
Full-scale production of a new generation of high performance civil gas masks is launched. Sorbent launches DOTpro®-series filters manufactured for industrial gas mask and respirator packages

The Company switches to a new system of personal protective equipment standards harmonized with European regulations. Mass production of multi-purpose fire protection equipment is launched. Sorbent launches manufacture of MAG®-series full face masks and DOT®-series filters for industrial gas mask and respirator packages. The Company develops and successfully tests for compliance with national standards of respiratory filtering sets for child protection intended for peacetime and wartime usage and self-rescue escape kits for adults and children aged 12.
With its new water purification program, Sorbent manufactures new activated carbons and coagulants: aluminium sulfate and aluminium chlorohydrate.
The Company produces efficient filtering material consisting of ultrafine fibers to manufacture high-performance industrial air filters.
New coal-based activated carbons, absorbers, and catalysts are produced to serve the ground for the mass production of civil gas masks.
As the production facility is reorganized for wartime, the Company manufactures the first batch of military gas masks.
August 26, 1939
The Company is set up as a wood-based activated carbon producing factory.

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