Isolating half-mask UNIX 1100


Half-mask with gas or particle filters is designed to bring the purified air to the respiratory system.


The body of the half-mask is made of silicone; there is a plastic frame with the inhalation and exhalation valves inside the body.


The head harness allows you to securely fix the half-mask on the user's head. Belt buckles provide quick adjustment of the size of head harness and a comfortable fit of the half-mask on user’s face.

Half mask is available in three sizes: 1, 2 and 3. Their selection is performed by fitting.

The half mask is equipped with a bayonet node for connecting UNIX gas and particle filters (DOTeco).

UNIX particle filters are attached to the surface of the UNIX gas filter body (DOTeco) using plastic holders.


* Compact, comfortable and soft half-mask made of silicone has minimal pressure on the face;

* increased elasticity and resistance to high and low temperatures, mechanical stress and deformation;

* fast and reliable bayonet filter attachment system;

* a wide range of filters;

* the buckles of the head harness ensure a tight and stable fit of half-mask to face;

* European certificate of conformity.

Compliance with standards

EN 140:1998

Shelf life

5,5 years

Description of product:

unix-1100-zelinskiy.pdf 1.95 Mb, pdf

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