Isolating half-mask UNIX 1000


Half-mask with filters protects the respiratory system from vaporous and gaseous harmful substances and aerosols (dust, smoke, fog) present in the air of the working area.

The body of the isolating half-mask is made of thermoplastic elastomer.

The temperature mode of operation of the half-mask is from -40 to + 40°C.


For protection against vaporous and gaseous harmful substances, the mask is applied with gas filters UNIX 501 A1 , UNIX 502 A2 , UNIX 512 K2 , UNIX 521 A1B1E1 , UNIX 531 A1B1E1K1 and UNIX 522 A2B2E2 .

To provide combined protection against gases, vapors and aerosols, gas filters are additionally secured with UNIX particle filter holders.

To protect against aerosols half-mask is used together with particle filters DOTeco P3 D , UNIX 303 P3D (used in high humidity conditions).

Half-mask gently and tightly conforms to face. The fastening system of the head harness is adjustable at five points. Half-mask design provides good visibility and compatibility with eye and head protection – goggles and helmets. The half-mask is equipped with a bayonet node for connecting replaceable filters.

The half-mask is completely collapsible, which facilitates care using water and detergents.

Compliance with standards

EN 140

Shelf life

5,5 years

Description of product:

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