UNIX 303 P3 R D

UNIX 303 P3 R D filters have a bayonet socket for hermetic connection with a half mask or a full face mask of UNIX series. They belong to high efficiency filters group (3rd class of protection). These filters are resistant to dust (D) and designed to be reusable (R).

UNIX 303 P3 R D filters are used when the ambient temperature is from -40 to +40°C, oxygen content in the air is no less than 17% and aerosol concentration in the air is 200 mg/m3 and above.

UNIX 303 P3 R D filter has a protective filter housing for working in high humidity conditions and it is much more resistant to contaminants. As a result, the service life of the filter is increased. In addition, it provides mechanical protection against damage.

UNIX 303 P3 R D filter has different fields of application, including mining, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, engineering, wood, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, and it is also recommended to provide protection during construction works.

UNIX 303 P3 R D filters meet the requirements of EN 143.

Their warranty storage period is 5,5 years.

Description of product:

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