UNIX 213 P3 R D filter


UNIX 213 P3 RD filter is used with UNIX 6100, UNIX 5000 and UNIX 5100 panoramic masks or UNIX 1000 and UNIX 1100 half masks for protection of respiratory organs from aerosols (more than 200 mg/m3 ) and harmful organic gases and vapors (up to 1 TLV) present in the air of working area.

The filter is attached to the facepiece with bayonet connection.

UNIX 213 P3 RD filter is high-efficient (P3), reusable (R) and resistant to dust (D).

Ambient temperature is from -40 to +40°С.


The filter consists of layers of filtering (particle protection) and sorbing (gas protection) materials fixed on a plastic frame with a bayonet connection by means of ultrasonic welding.

Compliance with technical regulations and standards

EN 143:2000+A1:2006

Shelf life

5,5 years

Description of product:

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