UNIX 5000 rubber


As part of the gas mask it provides a supply of purified air to the respiratory system and at the same time protects face and eyes from harmful substances.


Panoramic visor, double sealing piece, valve box with exhalation valve and speech device, silicone inner mask with inhalation valves, head harness, protective film .

For protection against vaporous and gaseous harmful substances full face mask UNIX 5000 is applied with gas filters UNIX 501 A1 , UNIX 502 A2 , UNIX 512 K2 , UNIX 521 A1B1E1 , UNIX 531 A1B1E1K1 , UNIX 522 A2B2E2 .

Compliance with standards

EN 136:1998+АС:2003 class 2
Shelf life 
10 years

Description of product:

unix_5100_zelinskiy.pdf 1.9 Mb, pdf

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