ZEVS-U filtering escape hood


+ Hood
   reliable protection of head under the action of high temperature, flame and heat flow

+ Visor
   wide panoramic view and reliable  eyes and face protection

+ Inner mask
   possibility of comfort breathing and speech communication

+ Adjustable head harness
   quick and secure fixation on head

+ Combined filter
   provides protection from smoke, gases and particles, including carbon monoxide, acrolein, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen chloride

+ Elastic neck obturator
   excludes the suction of contaminated air, reliably isolates respiratory organs from toxic substances

Description of product:

self_rescuer-zevs_u-full-version.pdf 2.12 Mb, pdf

zeus_u-es.pdf 927.09 Kb, pdf

zeus_u_an.pdf 687.7 Kb, pdf

zeus_u_br.pdf 687.77 Kb, pdf

zeus_u_viet.pdf 753.87 Kb, pdf

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