Special fire-safe mantle and mantle-litter

Used for fire prevention of clothes and human body from the open flame, high temperatures and thermal radiation for the safe fire evacuation.

Special fire-safe mantle                       

Design features:

• This mantle is easy in exploitation. It is possible to use it without preliminary preparation.
• This mantle’s construction resembles the coverlet (kimono-type)
• The only size for adults and children from 7 years
• The mantle may be used as a primary equipment for fire-fighting for the fire source isolation. May be used as a coverture.
• The mantle includes the hood and may be used independently or with a GDZK or GDZK-EN (these devices protect from smoke and gas)
• This mantle’s construction affords to evacuate in full growth, bending down or creeping
• The mantle’s hood affords to protect the head and hair while using this hood as an independent method of evacuation from the hot spot.


Technical characteristics:

Indicators name


Weight package, g, no more


Resistance to climatic effects at storage and transportation

Maintenance of technical characteristics during the warranty period in accordance with technical specifications demands

Able to work after presence in the atmosphere with the temperature of 200°C for (60+/-5) sec

Absence of rupture of material for no less than 60 sec

Able to work after the heat flow rate influence with the density

(8,5+/-0,5) kW/m2 for 3 minutes

Absence of rupture of material for no less than 3 min

Resistance to short-term effect of the open flame

Absence of rupture of material for no less than 20 sec

Resistance to the contact with the surface heated up till 400°C

Absences of changes of the surface for no less than 20 sec

Activation time, sec, no more


Breaking force, N, no less:

-          warpwise

-          fillingwise



Tear resistance, N, no less:

-          warpwise

-          fillingwise



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