Self-contained fireproof self-rescuer SIP-1


For protection of respiratory organs, eyesight and head of human during evacuation in case of fire or other emergency situations from effect of harmful substances, regardless of their composition and concentration, as well as in the conditions of lack of oxygen in the ambient environment. Designed for use by people in the age over 12, including those having beard, long hair, voluminous hair and glasses. Due to the optimum comfort of wearing and maintenance, self-rescuer SIP-1 allows a user to safely breathe for at least 20 minutes, while evacuating to a safe place during a fire. Self-rescuer SIP-1 is a single-use protection device, irrespective of the time of its usage in the affected area. It is produced ready to use and doesn’t require individual adjustment.
Temperature range of application is from minus 10°C to plus 60°C.

Composition of self-rescuer SIP-1:

•    hood with sight glass and under-mask liner, providing field of vision more than 80%.
•    breathing bag located around the user's neck with pressure relief valve. Location of the bag around neck makes the self-rescuer compact, allows to carry loads, property, or affected people during evacuation
•    regenerative cartridge with trigger device intended for releasing oxygen in the amount necessary for breathing and absorption of carbon dioxide and moisture from exhaled gas mixture, the design of trigger device provides instantaneous supply of oxygen to a user
•    individual package with pictogram and marking. There are two types of packing: carton box or specialized bag

Technical characteristics of self-rescuer SIP-1:

Rated time of protective action during evacuation, at least, min, while at rest, at least, min.



Breathing resistance during pulmonary ventilation 35 lt/min, Pa, at least


Volume fraction of carbon dioxide upon breathing-in and in breathing bag, % (vol.), no more than


Volume fraction of oxygen in inhaled gas breathing mixture, % no less than


Air inward leakage factor under hood half mask, %, no more

than, for people above the age of 12 or having neck size more than 3.0 dm


Weight of working section of self-rescuer, kg, no more than


Description of product:

sip_1_pdu_4t_en.pdf 62.07 Kb, pdf

sip_1_pdu_4t_br.pdf 458.83 Kb, pdf

sip_1_pdu_4t_an.pdf 431.77 Kb, pdf

sip_1_pdu_4t_viet.pdf 182.87 Kb, pdf

sip_1_pdu_4t_es.pdf 68.81 Kb, pdf

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