Portable breathing device (Self-rescuer) PDU-4T


It is intended for emergency protection of respiratory organs, eyesight and head skin of human against dangerous factors of technogenic accidents with emission of emergency chemically dangerous substances, including the cases of presence of hydrogen sulphide, for the time necessary for evacuation or waiting for help. PDU-4T can be used in the conditions of atmosphere unsuitable for breathing in transport, in gas industry, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, etc. It is designed for usage by users having beard, long hair and glasses. It is isolating device of protection on chemically bonded oxygen, ready for immediate use for a minimum of 20 minutes. Temperature range of application is from minus 35°C to plus 40°C.

Composition of self-rescuer PDU-4T:

•    hood with sight glass and under-mask liner, providing field of vision more than 80%. It has single universal size. It is resistant to vapors of corrosive chemicals and petrochemicals
•    breathing bag with pressure relief valve
•    regenerative cartridge with trigger device intended for releasing oxygen in the amount necessary for breathing and absorption of carbon dioxide and moisture from exhaled gas mixture. The design of the trigger device provides instantaneous supply of oxygen to a user
•    special bag with pictogram and marking, which allows you to apply personal data of user. It can be made with corporate style of enterprise

Technical characteristics of PDU-4T:

Time of protective action during moderately severe loads, min, at least


Time of protective action in waiting mode, min, at least


Volume fraction of carbon dioxide in inhaled gas breathing mixture, %, no more than Pa (mm WG), no more than


Breathing resistance at breathing in and out, Pa (mm WG), no more than

- during pulmonary ventilation 70 lt/min

1960 (200)

- during pulmonary ventilation 35 lt/min

980 (100)

Weight of working section of device, kg, no more than


Description of product:

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