Honoured guests from Latin America


On the 31st of October, 2018 employees of diplomatic missions from Latin America visited Zelinsky Group manufacturing area in Elektrostal (Moscow region). The meeting was organized with the assistance of National Committee for the promotion of economic cooperation with Latin American countries).

The purpose of the foreign delegation visit was to familiarize with the export potential of the largest Russian manufacturer of personal and collective respiratory protection: gas masks, filters, respirators.

«First of all, we wanted to show the guests that the products of Zelinsky Group are of the highest quality. Often the Russian safety requirements are higher than European, and in this regard, Zelinsky Group confidently exports its products», said Evgenia Tarasova, commercial Director of the manufacturing area in Elektrostal.

During the visit, Latin American representatives got acquainted with the production cycle and samples of modern advanced products, as well as noted a wide range of products designed to protect the population in case of emergencies and provide workers of any industry with effective protection.

Representatives of Zelinsky Group told the guests about the brand. Its values originate from the creation of the first effective gas mask by Nikolay Dmitrievich Zelinsky. The rarest copy of this gas mask was demonstrated to Latin American guests during the visit of the Museum exhibition of Zelinsky Group.

Following the meeting, the experts of Zelinsky Group and foreign guests agreed to continue cooperation with relevant agencies and companies in Latin America on issues of mutual interest.

Делегация из Латинской америки Делегация из Латинской америки1
Делегация из Латинской америки2 

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